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Anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is offensive.. is it true that Germans are embarrassed of their heritage because of the Nazis (I'm always told that by natives who immigrate to the States). Also, is it true that it's taboo to even bring up Nazism in a historical sense? I understand that it is against the law to be one but I mean in an educational conversation or like if someone's family fought for them. Is it also taboo to visit the Nazi-era tourist sites? I'm not a Nazi, I just have an interest in the time period


Well, since you already heard it from natives: Yes, there are people who probably still feel ashamed. That really doesn’t apply to everyone though. Germany is moving on and younger generations have a completely different relationship to the past.

It’s not a taboo to bring up Nazism in any sense. It can be a touchy subject, you should be aware of that before you start the conversation… And well, some Germans might be a little annoyed when foreigners begin them to ask them about this topic. Mainly because it still seems the main thing they are associated with. That can be tiring, you know? But others might actually enjoy to explain their point of view to you, it always depends on whom you’re talking to and how you’re asking your questions.

What exactly do you mean by Nazi-era tourist sights? Concentration camps? You can actually visit most of those that still exist. They work… like museums or memorials.

I hope that helped. :)

I love this question and explanation. Being German myself, but having grown up in the U.S., I was often asked questions like that. 🇩🇪

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